• Mission Statement

    The Gadsden Independent School District will ensure that all students will learn by putting education first. The district will provide quality educational opportunities conducive to learning that will facilitate students' individual goals.

    Gadsden Independent School District


Susan Yturralde
Associate Superintendent for Curriculum & 
Instructional Support
Office: 575.882.6267
Fax: 575.882.6207
Email: syturralde@gisd.k12.nm.us
2013 State Bilingual Advisory
Committee (SBAC) Member
Karla Quesada
Administrative Assistant
Office: 575.882.6282
Fax: 575.882.6207
Email: kquesada@gisd.k12.nm.us


Curriculum & Instructional Support

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Common Core State Standards Overview

Common Core State Standards Overview (Spanish)